Collection d’Actes de Conférences de l’AGAP Qualité

Collection d’Actes de Conférences de l’AGAP Qualité

AGAP Qualité is an association created with the aim of promoting the proper use of applied geophysical methods in terms of the quality of the service provided to the customer. AGAP Qualité brings together contractors, geophysical service providers, equipment manufacturers and scientists.

AGAP Qualité publishes a "Code of Good Practice" which includes a series of sheets presenting each geophysical technique, "technical – needs" adequacy tables, as well as a guide to the application of the ISO 9001 standard to geophysical activity. It is supplemented by a recommendation guide for customers and contractors to help them draft contractual documents and monitor the quality of the services offered. The technical data sheets are regularly updated and accessible on the AGAP Qualité website.

The series of "Cahiers de l'AGAP", that are pragmatic books illustrating the practical implementation and interpretation of geophysical techniques, are a useful complement to the general documents.

AGAP 2024

AGAP Qualité organises scientific events called "Journées scientifiques de l’AGAP". The next "Journées scientifiques de l’AGAP" will be held from March 26 to 28, 2024 at the University of Poitiers [Find out more].

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