The Scientific 15th AGAP Days (Editors: J.L. Mari et F. Asfirane-Haddadj)


AGAP Qualité is an association created with the aim of promoting the proper use of applied geophysical methods in terms of the quality of the service provided to the customer. AGAP Qualité brings together contractors, geophysical service providers, equipment manufacturers and scientists. AGAP Qualité organizes scientific events called: the Scientific AGAP days.

The Scientific 15th AGAP Days, from March 26 to 28, 2024 at the University of Poitiers, bring together players from the professional world and research in applied geophysics.

They include 5 presentation sessions.

Session 1. Energy transition: Sustainable resource management
At the opening of the session, Jean Claude Lecomte gives a lecture entitled: Possible collaboration between the administrative authorities for risk prevention and the Association of Applied Geophysics (AGAP).
Session 2. Passive surveying
At the opening of the session, Geoffroy Paixach gives a lecture entitled: Evolution of Geophysical Techniques over the last twenty years: commercialization, societal impact, and research and development perspectives.
Session 3. Electrical Imaging
At the opening of the session, Geoffroy Paixach and François Humbled present some remarkable examples of the evolution of geophysical techniques.
Session 4. Geotechnics
As an introduction, Éric Brossier gives a lecture entitled: Detection of a complex of hypersaline subglacial lakes under the center of the Devon ice sheet by airborne radar surveys.
Session 5. Hydrogeology
The session is organized in collaboration with the French Hydrogeology Committee (FHC). At the end of the session, Thierry Gaillard presents the program of the geological excursion dedicated to karst environments and organized by the FHC.

Michel Hayet
President of AGAP


Organizing committee

T. Gaillard, J.L. Mari, G. Porel, M. Moreau, J.C. Gourry, M. Hayet, P. Brunel

Selection committee

M. Hayet, J.L. Mari, F. Asfirane-Haddadj, C. Camerlynck, J.C. Gourry, F. Frappin, P. Brunel, ...